Virginia Beahan

Virginia Beahan
“A Riley Contemporary Artists Project Gallery Exhibition”
February 11, 2017 – May 7, 2017
Joslyn Art Museum  Omaha, Nebraska

Virginia Beahan’s photographs tell a story that is at once demanding, joyous, surprising, and painful. In the fall of 2002, Beahan and her husband helped her 88-year-old mother, Jeanne Cadwallader, sell her house in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and moved her to their home in rural New Hampshire. In failing health, her mother’s doctors believed she would die within the coming months. She soon recovered, however, and for the first time in many decades, Beahan and her mother began to spend their days together, learning to accommodate each other’s needs and lives.

Rachel Singel

“Art and Architecture of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, Italy” by Rachel Singel
January 7, 2017 – February 21, 2017
J. Patio Gallery
Louisville, Kentucky


“The year 2016 marks the 500th year since the establishment of the Jewish, Ghetto in Venice, the first ghetto ever in existence. To honor the historical anniversary and the influence this uniquely urban space has had on the development of contemporary architecture, I worked on-site in Venice for two months to create a series of etchings illustrating the buildings, structures, and streets of the Ghetto.

These are in exhibitions both nationally and internationally so as to foster the Jewish heritage and guarantee its future as a key religious, cultural and artistic site open to the Jewish Community of Venice and all people worldwide.


David Luke

“INVASIVE” The Photographs of David Luke”
January 9 – February 19, 2017
Architecture and Landscape Architecture  Gallery
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

David Luke’s body of work, Invasive, combines photographic imagery of northern Minnesota’s boreal forest with the state’s southern and central prairies. These collaged images visualize imminent transformations to the state’s land and water due to climate change and invasive species.

Tom Lang

“Anything Familiar Here?”
Hoffman Lachance Gallery
St. Louis, MO

“Gathering the skill and awareness to make paper and prints forms the musculature. The production comes from the center-from loving the doing. It seems beyond that my work like that of others is based on misunderstanding as much as insight. My work is a series of questions about the nature of the process and utility of the product.” – Tom Lang


protest-danny-lyons-697x1024“Resistance, Protest, Resilience”
November 5 – April 16, 2016
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Minneapolis, MN

Featuring about 60 photographs from Mia’s collection, this exhibition traces protests in select 20th-century movements and events that triggered important social and political changes, among them the Civil Rights Movement, Japan’s U.S. security treaty conflictthe Iranian Revolution, Vancouver’s Gastown riots, and the 1984 Democratic National Convention.

José Guadalupe Posada

posada-3sm“OSÉ GUADALUPE POSADA and the Mexican Penny Press”
October 28, 2016 – February 18, 2016
The Trout Gallery
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA

José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913) was one of Mexico’s most influential political printmakers and cartoonists. He is best known for his popular and satirical representations of calaveras (skeletons) in lively guises, who have become associated with the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations.

Gauri Gill

notes-from-desert“Notes From the Desert: Photographs by Gauri Gill”
September 17, 2016–February 12, 2017
Freer and Sackler Galleries
The Smithsonian’s Museums of Asian Art
Washington, DC

Gauri Gill  has been photographing the marginalized communities of western Rajasthan, India, since the late 1990s. The exhibit showcases 57 prints from this major body of work.

safe_image“The Impressions of War”
Aug. 5 through Feb. 12, 2017
Saint Louis Art Museum
Saint Louis, MO

The Saint Louis Art Museum presents an exhibition featuring Francisco de Goya’s 80-plate contemplation of war and its aftereffects.