Recto Verso Frame

David Gardner "Frozen Plains, South Dakota, 2009"

We first custom milled this frame for the "Light Years: Conceptual Art and the Photograph 1964 – 1977" exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago. We decided to make a sample so we could show how it is assembled. Our recto verso frame was designed so the artwork could be viewed from the front and the back. The base can be screwed into a vitrine or table for security. When installing the artwork, one needs only to unscrew the base section and slip the artwork package into the the frame and then screw in the bottom frame section.  The top sections of the frame are splined and have no nail or screws showing. The frame sits inside a base and is secured to the base with horizontal screws. The screws are covered by a thin wood sleeve that goes over the base hiding the screws. The photographer David Gardner made this photo "Frozen Plain, South Dakota, 2009" in an edition of 10 for Life Support Japan. We purchased it from Wall Space Gallery.

Steps in assembling Recto Verso frame

Assemble the parts of the frame

Slide art package into the 3 sides of the frame

Put on the 4th side on the frame

Screw in the 4th side of the frame.

Place frame into base

Screw base into frame

Cover screws on base with outside sleeve cover