Geoffrey Laurence
Sante Fe, NM 

"I am more concerned with the difficulty of creating emotional responses through the work and with the painting process, of moving and experiencing paint in different ways with a brush and of engaging the viewer in an emotional narrative."

 Figure Painting in the Venetian Tradition
During this course, which is based on the techniques of the Venice and Florence schools of the 15th and 16th centuries, we will be exploring the possibilities of indirect painting. From the starting point of designing our composition by means of a careful under drawing followed by a monochrome ‘grisaille’, progressing to ‘dead palette’ and warm/cool decisions and through to the final stages of applying glazes and scumbles and a full color palette. This is an advanced course suitable for anyone with an interest in classical painting techniques and some experience with painting. It is not suitable for those who are just entering the door of the magical world that is painting.

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