Skip Steinworth

February 27 –  May 14, 2017
Evansville Museum  
Evansville, Indiana

For most of my more than 35-year-career as a professional artist, I’ve created works almost exclusively in graphite pencil. The medium has always had a fundamental appeal for me. It’s direct and uncomplicated. As such, it is well suited to my sensibility and to my imagery, style, and working methods, all of which are equally straightforward. My work is representational, which to me means more than achieving a pictorial illusion. It is an investigation of our perceptions of the seeable world, an effort to determine what makes things visually “tick”, and to understand what exactly it is that allows us to make sense of what we see.

Tom Bamberger

March 25–May 21, 2017
MOWA (Museum of Wisconsin Art)
West Bend, WI

For the first time in history, the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) will dedicate all four of its changing exhibition spaces to the work of a single artist – Tom Bamberger. Hyperphotographic is Bamberger’s first major retrospective which will feature more than 100 photographs – some up to 35’ in scale. MOWA will open the exhibition on March 25, 2017, and celebrate his recent gift of nearly 400 photographs to the museum’s permanent collection.

Howard Oransky

“Patterns of Dialogue”
Form+Content Gallery
Minneapolis, MN

The exhibition includes paintings that explore ideas of pictorial structure, rhythm, imagery, and experience.

Clarence Morgan

“Patterns of Dialogue”
Form+Content Gallery
Minneapolis, MN

The exhibition includes a variety of works, some large and some small, that explore ideas of pictorial structure, rhythm, imagery, and experience.

Todd Stewart

“Photographs from A Narrative Atlas of the Great Basin”
March 3, 2017 – March 26, 2017
JRB Art at The Elms   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Landscapes are constructs. They are derived from the complex layering of a particular physical geography with the cultural, political, and other ideological concerns of those that inhabit them. Because they represent an accumulation of human activity over time, their meaning is contingent upon, and reflective of, both historical and contemporary values. A Narrative Atlas of the Great Basin seeks to reveal the multilayered conception of a vast region of the American landscape. Focusing primarily on the arid lands of the Great Basin, the Atlas functions as a framework for a series of smaller projects exploring the relationship between nature and culture.

Herman Mhire

“Beauty and the Beast: Herman Mhire”
March 5, 2017 – March 24, 2017
Fine Arts Gallery College of the Arts  
University of Louisiana  Lafayette, Louisiana

The College of the Arts will honor the SPARK Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Herman Mhire, with an exhibition of 80 of his framed photographs.

Virginia Beahan

Virginia Beahan
“A Riley Contemporary Artists Project Gallery Exhibition”
February 11, 2017 – May 7, 2017
Joslyn Art Museum  Omaha, Nebraska

Virginia Beahan’s photographs tell a story that is at once demanding, joyous, surprising, and painful. In the fall of 2002, Beahan and her husband helped her 88-year-old mother, Jeanne Cadwallader, sell her house in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and moved her to their home in rural New Hampshire. In failing health, her mother’s doctors believed she would die within the coming months. She soon recovered, however, and for the first time in many decades, Beahan and her mother began to spend their days together, learning to accommodate each other’s needs and lives.

protest-danny-lyons-697x1024“Resistance, Protest, Resilience”
November 5 – April 16, 2016
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Minneapolis, MN

Featuring about 60 photographs from Mia’s collection, this exhibition traces protests in select 20th-century movements and events that triggered important social and political changes, among them the Civil Rights Movement, Japan’s U.S. security treaty conflictthe Iranian Revolution, Vancouver’s Gastown riots, and the 1984 Democratic National Convention.