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Michael Beck

Michael Beck has been exhibiting work nationally since 1972. As an early photorealist. He has exhibited with artists such as Robert Bechtle, Ralph Goings, Richard McLean, Robert Cottingham and Mel Ramos. In the late 1990’s his subject matter turned to single object still life. His new approach to still life impresses the viewer first with his skill at painting. But once drawn into the piece the viewer is led on a joyful visual journey of how paint and color are applied while simultaneously flooded with thoughts of our relationship to objects, and ourselves, as age renders us obsolete and discardable. Beck’s sense of staging forces us to reconsider the object as celebrity, worn and aged but resplendent with biographical information.


Metropolitan Frames produces the highest quality of frames available in a range of materials and types needed. Their customer service is impeccable. They are vigilant in their oversight and have contacted me quickly when they discover a mistake I have made in ordering. When an item was damaged in transit, it was replaced immediately. I choose to use their floater frames in black ash. The frames complete the presentation of my pieces by creating a strong border to separate the reality of my paintings from that of the wall where they hang.


Oil on canvas


"Ditched", 33 x 60 inches


I use a variety of brand of oil paint: Windsor Newton, Gamblin, Rembrandt and Holbein. My brush of choice is the Escoda Modernista in brights and rounds.



Paul Thiebaud Gallery
San Francisco, CA

Lora Schlesinger Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

O.K. Harris Works of Art
New York, NY


Profile: 121 Wood: Ash Finish: 13A black lacquer
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Architectural Relic 41-811, 26Smith Lake Twilight   36

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  • Architectural Relic 41-811, 26
  • Smith Lake Twilight   36