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Laurie Frick

I’ve been experimenting with a future where everything about us can be instantly measured and significantly added to my daily regimen to develop a patterned vocabulary and language for self-tracking. Steps walked, calories expended, weight, sleep cycles, time-online, activities, location, daily mood, micro-journal of food ingested are all part of my daily tracking — simple and easy to collect using iphones and gadgets that point toward a time where complete self-surveillance is the norm.

So, in anticipation of a future where sensors are seamlessly embedded in our clothes, in tiny bits we swallow with vitamins, location coordinates are gathered from phones and recordings of what we see, say and hear are invisibly captured, I’ve been collecting data to experiment and test ways of converting data into hand-built patterns which can communicate encoded meaning about us.

Laurie Frick is also a TED award winner. To learn more about her work and process view the TED award video.


I noticed these beautiful maple frames with contrasting splines in a gallery show in Chelsea, New York and started hunting for a good online source. Asked the gallery assistant, an art-advisor friend and even posted a question on my facebook page got pointed toward MetroFrame. I buy a lot of materials online, and was thrilled to find the site super organized, easy to order and meticulous in details. This wasn’t a one-size-fits-all discount type place, I can get subtle variations and never compromise on the size or depth that I want.

Was thrilled with the first order of six frames, I changed the contrasting spline to cherry rather than walnut for medium contrast. The spacers in matching maple are elegant and subtle, they go together easily and feel so perfect compared to cutting foamcore spacers. The whole frame assembled beautifully front and back, and give the work a sense of care and finish. Those first pieces shipped to an art fair and quickly sold, more went to another show, and all those sold, and then more to a gallery and again sold. I decided there was something important about matching the quality of the piece with the quality of the frame, even if collectors don’t know anything about presentation, the Metroframes have a presence that is irresistible.

Just placed an order of eight frames to experiment with white, walnut, ultra thin, frame within a frame, floating, and more. Am excited about working with Metroframe. Couldn’t be happier.


Watercolor, Ink, handcut and folded BFK Rives and adhesive


Daniel Smith – Rives BFK white 250gm paper. – Lukas Watercolors in trays, Prismacolor .03 pens, Aleene’s tacky glue (have tried every possible type of adhesive).

MakeATX  lasercutting cooperative in Austin, Texas. An amazing place.



Edward Cella Art+Architecture


Profiles: 102 Wood: Maple Finish: 01 clear lacquer
Optional components: 3/4″ spacer, 8 ply mat & 4ply backing, UV acrylic, & archival corrugated
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Matted presentations/calculating size
Hinging artwork with a T-hinge
attaching wood spacer and strainer
Pluchow II, III, 2012, pastel on paper, each 36 x 20“Into the Deep”, acrylic on paper, 40 x 26 ¼

Click the thumbnails bellow to view the sample presentations:

  • Pluchow II, III, 2012, pastel on paper, each 36 x 20
  • “Into the Deep”, acrylic on paper, 40 x 26 ¼