Demystifying the fine art framing business

ArtA friend of mine suggested I become a friend of Michael Corbin, the Artbook Guy, on facebook. I did and he asked me if he could do an interview about framing. He does many interviews with artists and said fine art framing mystified him. I said I would do my best to try to explain our business. We then emailed back and forth questions and answers. To read the interview visit his website at ArtBookGuy.Com . I’ll let you decide whether the shroud of mystery has been lifted.

Customer Studio Visits

When we travel, we always try and visit our customers. On our recent New York trip we not only visited five of our customers but we made a video tape of the visit. We did this for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that it is fun. We share an interest in how things are made. We are both interested in work spaces,tools, techniques, and processes. And as we learn more about each other we can share information that can help us both.

I think you will find these studio visits interesting for all of the above reasons. You will also see a variety of very interesting work. We have added a customer studio visit section to our youtube channel  which we will continue to add to as we make more studio tours. Take a look I think you will enjoy them as much as we did.