Photography Exhibits


Brian Dailey WORDS: A Global Conversation at Baahng & Co in New York City

WORDS is the artist’s investigation into the impact of globalization and its effect on key human structures of language, society, culture, and environment. In each country, Dailey set up his camera with green-screen backdrop and invited random individuals.  Participants were asked 13 words in their native languages: peace, war, love, environment, freedom, religion, democracy, government, happiness,…

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Dave Shafer "Through an Artist's Lens" at Davis and Blevins Gallery in Texas

Dave Shafer's photographic art work is strongly rooted in Americana themes, adventures and totems. The images for this exhibit have all be captured with film and a 50+ year old 4x5 format camera. No matter the camera or subject, Dave's devotion is to capture the fleeting moments of gesture and light. Cowboy Boot No. 2,…

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Stephen Mallon "Passing Freight" Front Room Gallery in New York City

Front Room Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of photographs by Stephen Mallon. “Passing Freight” is a visual celebration of the unique beauty and function of freight train cars in United States. In 2018 there were 1,637,000 freight cars in operation across North America, each distinctive in their construction, markings and utility. Time…

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For this latest body of work, Cartagena spent time sifting through landfills on the outskirts of Mexico City to collect thousands of discarded photographs—portraits, snapshots, and tourist views. Cartagena excises figures, faces, or other details from the found photographs and reconfigures the original compositions by either moving the cut fragments or removing them entirely. The…

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Chuck Koosmann "Landscapes"

Iceland is a place I didn’t know much about before travelling there. It is small, isolated and full of my imaginings. I had heard many stories about it from travelers I’ve known but didn’t have a sense of it really. The reality was unexpected. Too many tourists in Reykjavik, glaciers of immense size, a dramatic…

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R. J. Kern - The Best of the Best

"The Best of the Best" records champion animals at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair, one of the most competitive animal contests in the world. Animal breeding, like photography, has been an area of both technical and material evolution. This series explores the relationship between the present and the past, drawing parallels between early animal contests…

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Geraldo de Barros at Document in Chicago

Document is presenting their second solo exhibition of the photographs of Geraldo de Barros.  The exhibit will be of a selection of earlier photographs the artist took between 1947 and 1954. The Fotoformas of Geraldo de Barros (1923-1998) were created from the late-1940s through early 1950s, largely in São Paulo. As fitting this period of…

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Michael Patrick O'Brien "Familiar Address" at University of New Orleans

Michael Patrick O’Brien “Familiar Address” at University of New Orleans In his photographs of family members and familial spaces, O’Brien translates the family’s lineage and spaces as sites of both repetition and evolution. Genetics are inherited, body postures are echoed, the formality of interiors is mimicked, values are passed down, death is present, children appear,…

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Time Frames: Contemporary East Asian Photography at Baltimore Museum of Art

"Time Frames: Contemporary East Asian Photography" exhibition has more than 40 modern and contemporary photographs by artists mostly born in China, Japan, South Korea, or Vietnam who delve into various concepts of time. Their images could be focused on a time of day, a past legend or history, or an imagined future. "Time Frames showcases…

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