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Micah Cash "Unclaimed Space" at the William Benton Museum of Art

"I wanted to send you a few installation images from the MFA Thesis exhibition. The photos look great in the frames, and I've received plenty of compliments on the frames themselves. Thank you for continuing the make such a wonderful product." Micah is more knowledgeable about framing than most MFA students. We first met Micah…

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Jamie Kinroy 1st MFA framing award winner

Providing professional framing advice to art students has been a long term goal of ours. For artists to be successful as they enter their professional life it is necessary to understand how to present their work professionally. After meeting with the director of graduate and undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota, Metroframe has established…

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6:30 A.M. Robert Weingarten at Peabody Essex Museum

In January 2003, at 6:30 a.m., Robert Weingarten launched his photographic odyssey. Over the course of the year, he made daily exposures at precisely 6:30 a.m., maintaining an identical combination of camera, 350-millimeter lens, slow-speed film and viewpoint overlooking Santa Monica Bay. Five of his large-scale, luminous photographs of Malibu capture what the artist calls…

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