Daniel Ranalli at Gallery Kayafas in Boston

Provincetown and the Outer Cape have a long history of painting. The artist’s colony there is over 100 years old, and perhaps the oldest in the U.S. As with such places, there are certain subjects or motifs that are painted many times over the years by many artists. There is also a great deal of…

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Carl Buttke “Reflections” watercolor series

We are always interested in how our customers frame their artwork. When talking with Carl Buttke we learned that he painted watercolors and framed them without glass or acrylic.  I asked him if we could share the process he uses with our customers. He generously agreed to tell us how he protects the watercolors from…

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Michael Dixon “I, Too, Sing America” at David Richard Gallery in New York

I, Too, Sing America, is an exhibition of recent and new paintings by artist Michael Dixon at David Richard Gallery. This series is comprised of self-portraits that explore blackness; the value of black bodies in America; historic violence against those bodies; and the artist’s feelings as a bi-racial Black man. The paintings are self-portraits and…

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