Stephen Magsig at George Billis Gallery

  “When I think about the conventions of painting — a tradition I respect immensely — I notice that my concern has always been with the interplay of light and structure,” says artist Stephen Magsig. “Light, since it defines everything, is what my work is about — how light changes things, how it inflects the…

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Fatima Ronquillo “Private Revolution”

On Saturday, April 6th, Wally Workman Gallery opens Private Revolution, a solo show by Fatima Ronquillo. Her fourth show with the gallery, Private Revolution is a celebration of the various private revolutions that her imagined personages launch: rebellions against indifferent beloveds, oppressive thoughts, and real or perceived injuries. There is a context for the ongoing…

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Edward Curtis photos & Metropolitan frames travel around the world

Cardozo Fine Art has created the most extensive exhibition program of Curtis photography in history. These exhibitions and Metropolitan frames have been seen in over forty countries and on every continent but Antarctica. It is estimated that through his books, exhibitions, lectures, and former gallery, Cardozo has brought Curtis to well over 10 million people world-wide. Metropolitan first…

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