Amy Sands at Rourke Art Museum

“I am interested in the interaction of color, space and memory – both from a perspective of the artist’s process as well as from the viewer’s active interaction with a finished piece.  My art originates in my interest of the day-to-day experiences influenced by color, pattern and space, and how this is recorded in memory.…

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Bob Nugent at Erickson Fine Art Gallery

There is a word in Portuguese, “Sentido”, that has to do with experiencing things with all one’s senses.  Not just to transfer what you have seen….but to use all your senses to record the place or object.  That is what my work is about. When I go into the Amazon for instance, I take pictures,…

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Graphic Discontent: German Expressionism on Paper at Cleveland Museum of Art

Graphic Discontent: German Expressionism on Paper has more than 50 prints and drawings in the exhibition dating from 1905 to around 1922. They present their responses to urban life, the nude, landscape, and war. Together they show how the Expressionists’ new graphic language disrupted and distorted traditional artistic themes to describe both a modern utopia…

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