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Laurie Frick: Walking, Eating, Sleeping

Laurie Frick opens an exhibit at the Marfa Contemporary Gallery “Walking, Eating, Sleeping” and it takes an obsessive, quantitative look at daily life, drawing on Frick’s background in engineering and technology.The artwork of Laurie Frick explores the intersection of technology and creativity as the artist herself adopts a daily regimen of self-tracking that measures her…

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Audubon and the Art of Birds

The Bell Museum will debut Audubon and the Art of Birds, an exhibition that explores the human fascination with birds, and showcases one of the museum’s most valuable treasures: a double-elephant folio edition of John James Audubon’s Birds of America. The rare collection of hand-colored engravings was donated to the Bell Museum in 1928. John James Audubon (1785-1851) is…

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Kenneth Josephson at Stephen Daiter Gallery in Chicago

Kenneth Josephson has been a tireless pioneer of conceptual art photography since the late 1950s. He is the product of a rigorous education that began with the inspiration of the visionary Minor White at the Rochester Institute of Technology and culminating with his graduate studies under the renown teaching team of Harry Callahan and Aaron…

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Objects of Desire Michael Beck at Paul Thiebaud Gallery in San Francisco

Objects of Desire by Michael Beck opens the fall season at the Paul Thiebaud Gallery in San Francisco.  Though not necessarily depictions of items coveted by the masses, they are a curious group of subjects— sailboats, cars, trucks, amusement park rides, and dolls—all antique toys, desired at certain ages and in certain eras. Beck’s explores…

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