Stephen Magsig at George Billis Gallery in NYC

When I think about the conventions of painting — a tradition I respect immensely — I notice that my concern has always been with the interplay of light and structure” says artist Stephen Magsig. “Light, since it defines everything, is what my work is about — how light changes things, how it inflects the surfaces…

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Eric Ketelsen at Bloomington Theatre and Art Center

Eric Ketelsen’s abstract paintings and drawings may, at first glance,  appear to be a series of repetitive lines, but it is the detail happening below and within the layers of each piece that reveal the subtle yet rich variations in tone, texture, color, and gestural mark. Influenced by Japanese Zen calligraphy, Ketelsen’s work centers on…

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Jim Hittinger MFA framing award winner

Jim Hittinger is a co-winner of our annual MFA framing award. Providing professional framing advice to art students has been a long term goal of ours. For artists to be successful as they enter their professional life it is necessary to understand how to present their work professionally.  Our goal is to help students understand…

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