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“What a Relief! Variations on Printmaking” at Augustana College

The exhibition “What a Relief! Variations on Printmaking” connects historical and contemporary art by featuring works from the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art’s collection as well as recent works by local printmaker Joseph Lappie and fiber artist Janet Taylor.  Works from Augustana’s collection are ukiyo-e prints, a genre of Japanese woodblock prints from the 19th…

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Virmarie DePoyster “Revelation” United States Embassy in Rome, Italy

Virmarie DePoyster is the first Arkansas artist to be selected for a solo exhibition at the United States Embassy in Rome, Italy. Her exhibition, Revelation, curated by Anna Maria Volpacchio, will be on view at the United States Embassy’s Tri-Mission Art Gallery September 1 – 30, 2015. The North Little Rock artist will be honored…

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Adam Ryder "Renovatio Imperii"

Through photography, found imagery and other media, Adam Ryder presents a new body of work that operates as evidence of a secretive fraternal organization known to its members as “Renovatio Imperii”. Latin for “restoration of the Empire”, Renovatio Imperii is purported to be clandestinely involved in geo-political affairs and claims ties to the Roman imperium…

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Metropolitan frames "On the road"

The Artmobile has been serving the state of Arkansas for over 50 years and is one of the nation’s very few mobile art museums. This unique gallery space features themed exhibitions of works from the Arkansas Arts Center’s permanent collection.  Works are carefully selected for their artistic integrity and educational value. The Artmobile is a…

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