Art To Live With for students at the University of Chicago

The Smart Museum provides an art loan program, exclusively for University of Chicago students so they can become acquainted with and appreciate art. Each fall, students living in the University of Chicago’s residence halls have the unique opportunity to borrow original works of art to live with in their dorm rooms. Students are able to…

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David Hornung “Intimate Visions” at Delaware Art Museum

I use my memory and imagination to invent pictures. The subjects I like to paint are ordinary—walls, ladders, rocks, trees, simple buildings, garden tools, ropes, bones, rickety tables. I strip subject matter of extraneous detail so that it appears emblematic rather than naturalistic. This also makes it possible to intermingle pictorial elements with abstract and…

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Gregory Euclide at Hasimoto Contemporary in San Francisco

The depiction of land has often been used as a means of celebrating or critiquing culture. The use of pastoral views, banal architecture and everyday trash problematize the traditional definitions of a natural landscape. Through the process of transforming and miniaturizing materials found in the land, objects, in their new context, are no longer discernible…

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