Elizabeth Geiger “New Paintings” at Gross McCleaf Gallery

Still life has been my subject of choice for 20 years, probably because it allows me to control the light, colors involved, and objects.  I return to familiar things, most of them culinary, letting the drama and surprise come from the arrangement, vantage point or the paint itself. 

"Still Life with Tools", 40" X 36", oil on linen, 2015
“Still Life with Tools”, 40″ X 36″, oil on linen, 2015
still life with recorder

“Still Life with Recorder”, 11″ X12″, oil on linen, 2015

Landscape is a more recent subject but like still life I am attracted to the familiar. Places I see in my daily round.

Color has always been an expressive force in my work – a place to experiment.  Recently I decided to play with shape making as well.  Observation is still the starting point – I am always looking at what I am painting – but instead of realism as a destination I am now asking myself, ” What if the rules of logic no longer applied?  Where would I go?” 

As long as the painting has its own sense of rightness and feeling, and even mystery… I am satisfied.

"Wind, Woods and Water", 30" X 34", oil on linen, 2015
“Wind, Woods and Water”, 30″ X 34″, oil on linen, 2015
geiger exhibit 2

Elizabeth Geiger
“New Paintings”
March 2 – 22, 2016
Gross McCleaf Gallery Philadelphia, PA


Floater frames for canvas


Standard Floating Profile: 123
Deep Floating Profile: 124
Type: floating frame for 3/4″ deep canvas paintings
Type: Floating frame for 1-1/2″ deep canvas paintings
Wood & Finish: Unfinished maple wood frame 
Purchasing Option: unjoined wood frame cut to size with wedges
Framing Advice: fitting floater frames


Customer comment,
This is the first time I have ever framed my work and I am thrilled. It has never looked better.  I stained each one so they are unique to the painting.”