Elizabeth Geiger “New Paintings” at Gross McCleaf Gallery

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Still life has been my subject of choice for 20 years, probably because it allows me to control the light, colors involved, and objects.  I return to familiar things, most of them culinary, letting the drama and surprise come from the arrangement, vantage point or the paint itself. 

"Still Life with Tools", 40" X 36", oil on linen, 2015
"Still Life with Tools", 40" X 36", oil on linen, 2015
still life with recorder

"Still Life with Recorder", 11" X12", oil on linen, 2015

Landscape is a more recent subject but like still life I am attracted to the familiar. Places I see in my daily round.

Color has always been an expressive force in my work - a place to experiment.  Recently I decided to play with shape making as well.  Observation is still the starting point - I am always looking at what I am painting - but instead of realism as a destination I am now asking myself, " What if the rules of logic no longer applied?  Where would I go?" 

As long as the painting has its own sense of rightness and feeling, and even mystery... I am satisfied.

"Wind, Woods and Water", 30" X 34", oil on linen, 2015
"Wind, Woods and Water", 30" X 34", oil on linen, 2015
geiger exhibit 2

Elizabeth Geiger
“New Paintings”
March 2 – 22, 2016
Gross McCleaf Gallery Philadelphia, PA


Floater frames for canvas


Standard Floating Profile: 123
Deep Floating Profile: 124
Type: floating frame for 3/4" deep canvas paintings
Type: Floating frame for 1-1/2" deep canvas paintings
Wood & Finish: Unfinished maple wood frame 
Purchasing Option: unjoined wood frame cut to size with wedges
Framing Advice: fitting floater frames


Customer comment,
This is the first time I have ever framed my work and I am thrilled. It has never looked better.  I stained each one so they are unique to the painting."