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Chuck Koosmann "Landscapes"

Iceland is a place I didn’t know much about before travelling there. It is small, isolated and full of my imaginings. I had heard many stories about it from travelers I’ve known but didn’t have a sense of it really. The reality was unexpected. Too many tourists in Reykjavik, glaciers of immense size, a dramatic…

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Billy Hassell "Lone Star Wild" at Davis Gallery in Austin Texas

My work is a symbolic and narrative response to nature and seeks a balance between realism and abstraction. My primary subject matter has been the flora and fauna of Texas and my influences include Mexican and American folk art, 19th and 20th Century Japanese woodblock prints, natural history, field guides and botanical studies. Over the…

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Terri M Wells Brinton AIR Museum Show

The 2019 Brinton Artists in Residence show features six diverse, nationally recognized artists who were invited for two-week residencies in 2018 to create art en plein air. The Brinton’s Artists in Residence program allows artists the unique opportunity to sketch, draw and paint on The Brinton grounds and also on other scenic locations throughout the area.…

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In Bloom: The Botanical Paintings of T. Merrill Prentice

The New Britain Museum of America is exhibiting an array of botanical paintings by Connecticut native T. (Thurlow) Merrill Prentice (1898–1985). This is the most extensive exhibition of these paintings at the NBMAA since their gift by the artist in 1977. Prentice’s vibrant watercolors showcase lively wildflowers and plants found throughout the American Northeast. These…

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Evelyn Patricia Terry at Lynden Sculpture Garden in Milwaukee

Over the course of more than fifty years, Evelyn Patricia Terry’s work has made several bodies of work that address the “conundrum of co-existence that repeatedly occupies the news, my thoughts, and many conversations.” In America’s Favor/Guests Who Came to Dinner (and Stayed!), Terry brings together different bodies of work: an iconic table installation, artist…

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Geraldo de Barros at Document in Chicago

Document is presenting their second solo exhibition of the photographs of Geraldo de Barros.  The exhibit will be of a selection of earlier photographs the artist took between 1947 and 1954. The Fotoformas of Geraldo de Barros (1923-1998) were created from the late-1940s through early 1950s, largely in São Paulo. As fitting this period of…

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Colors of Lake Tahoe mixed media works by Deborah Lawrence Schafer

"Colors of Lake Tahoe" is a collaboration of Bay Area artist Deborah Lawrence Schafer and the Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC). Upon noticing unmistakable changes to the area when the snowpack on the surrounding mountains all but disappeared in 2015, Schafer became curious about how the drought was affecting the color of the Lake and…

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"Metamorphoses: Ovid According to Wally Reinhardt" at Grey Art Gallery at NYU

For centuries, Greek and Roman myths have inspired artists. New York University’s Grey Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo museum exhibition of the New York–based octogenarian artist Wally Reinhardt, who continues in this time-honored tradition. The exhibit features some 50 watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil illustrations from a series that numbers nearly 200.…

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Michael Patrick O'Brien "Familiar Address" at University of New Orleans

Michael Patrick O’Brien “Familiar Address” at University of New Orleans In his photographs of family members and familial spaces, O’Brien translates the family’s lineage and spaces as sites of both repetition and evolution. Genetics are inherited, body postures are echoed, the formality of interiors is mimicked, values are passed down, death is present, children appear,…

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