Fatima Ronquillo “Private Revolution”

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On Saturday, April 6th, Wally Workman Gallery opens Private Revolution, a solo show by Fatima Ronquillo. Her fourth show with the gallery, Private Revolution is a celebration of the various private revolutions that her imagined personages launch: rebellions against indifferent beloveds, oppressive thoughts, and real or perceived injuries. There is a context for the ongoing themes of symbolic or literal wounds, mingled with the optimism of youth, lovers and dreamers. Stylistically Fatima has been inspired by the neoclassical period following the French Revolution alongside formal portraiture in colonial Latin America. She is amused by the juxtaposition of a colorful palette and traditional compositions with the ambiguous yet oddly humorous situations of injured cupids or children in military dress or exotic persons with their animal entourage.





Fatima is a self-taught painter who works from a deeply personal visual language and imagination. Each painting is an unfolding story of layered meanings brought to life through multiple layers of paint. Her painted surfaces sparkle with thin delicate glazes over thick impastos and scattered scumbles of semi transparent colors. She paints in the style of the European classical traditions coupled with a magical realism rooted in folk and colonial imagery. Hers is an authentic voice echoing from an inner world where art history meets with nostalgia and imagined characters from literature, theatre and opera.

Born in San Fernando, Philippines in 1976, Fatima Ronquillo immigrated as a child to the United States in 1987 where her family settled in San Antonio, Texas. She currently resides and maintains a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and west highland terrier.  Her work is included in private collections throughout North America and Europe.


"Private Revolutions"
April 6 - April 27, 2013
Wally Workman Gallery
Austin, Texas
Fatima Ronquillio


Wood: Maple  Finish: 19 graphite


Very Deep Profile: 120
Type: floater frames for panel paintings on 2-1/4" cradle
Wood & Finish: maple wood frame with graphite finish
Purchasing Options: joined wood frame with splines
Framing Advice: fitting floater frames