Michael Rich at Old Spouter Gallery in Nantucket


The painter and printmaker, Michael Rich has for decades, explored the landscapes of his experience in intensely colored, gestural abstractions; lively, inventive drawings and unique monoprints.  In large-scale, works in oil, Rich trowels, scrapes and brushes together marks of color to suggest deep and illuminated spaces reminiscent of the sky and sea of his island home, Nantucket.   The critic Donald Kuspit once wrote: “For Rich sensitivity to paint is inseparable from sensitivity to landscape, and the fluid density of landscape is best conveyed by the fluid density of paint”. 

A Professor of Art, Rich approaches the landscape as a wellspring for spiritual investigation and meditation.  Observations from his garden or travels become invented forms recalling the automatic drawing that is the basis of much of his painting.  In recent years, the graphic mediums of intaglio and woodcut have offered a bridge between linear drawing and color-based painting; between abstraction and representation.

Recent featured museum exhibitions include The Bristol Art Museum (2014), The Newport Art Museum (2008) and the Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville Arkansas (2007).  Rich is the recipient of the Basil H. Alkazzi Award (USA) and was included in Sotheby’s auction series, International Young Art.  His work is featured in private and public collections nationally including, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY; Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA and the Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, OH.

Michael Rich lives and works in Providence, RI and Nantucket MA and is a Professor of Art at Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island.

Michael Rich "The Water We SeeK"  oil on canvas, 66" x 70 ", 2017
Michael Rich “The Water We SeeK” oil on canvas, 66″ x 70 “, 2017
Michael Rich, "Casting Nets"oil on canvas, 44" x 40", 2017
Michael Rich, “Casting Nets”oil on canvas, 44″ x 40”, 2017
Michael Rich, "Moksha", Oil and wax on canvas, 28" x 26", 2016
Michael Rich, “Moksha”, Oil and wax on canvas, 28″ x 26″, 2016


michael rich exhibition

Since its inception in 1998 The Old Spouter Gallery with its owner-Director Kathleen Walsh has been committed to showcasing and promoting the work of Nantucket Artists, as well as Artists who are intrinsically connected to the Island.

Kathleen’s vision for the gallery was inspired by her manifold experience as Gallery Director of The Nantucket Artist’s Association’s  “Little Gallery” from 1989 to 1996. Ultimately, Kathleen saw a need for a gallery that further magnified and showcased the unique and diverse work of Island Artists.

Like the art and the Island of Nantucket – the Old Spouter  Gallery is original. The gallery represents outstanding original artwork from emerging, mid-career, and established painters, sculptors, and folk artists.


Michael Rich
July 20 – July 27, 2018
Old Spouter Gallery
Nantucket, MA



Profile: 121
Type: floating frames for canvas paintings
Wood & Finish: maple wood unfinished with black interior
Purchase Option: cut to size with wedges

Andrea Pramuk at Georgetown Art Center

Texas painter, Andrea Pramuk, creates organic, drawing-based abstractions. Her pictures may seem familiar at first glance, but on closer inspection, they are not things or places that exist, but rather lyrical subjects whose dialogue originates out of line, color and light. She looks to ephemeral subject matter that is constant throughout time, reminiscent of stone, sea, sky and botanical forms – all traditional painting subjects.
Andrea uses acrylic paint and dye-based pigments within a system that includes a carefully mixed color palette, paint pouring and drawing techniques, working both flat and at the easel. She arrived at this current method of working due to physical limitations with manual dexterity and also for technical reasons like drying times and limited time constraints. Pouring paint for Andrea is like building sediment layers in stone, creating wave patterns in sand and bringing about tree rings born out of drying paint puddles shrinking one ring at a time. Her process and subject matter, therefore, are both temporal and symbiotic. Poetry comes into play with her choice of titles, often borrowed from music lyrics, poetry or books, while also folding in themes from current events.
Andrea Pramuk "Thera 1" Ink on Claybord, 18”x36”, 2017
Andrea Pramuk “Thera 1” Ink on Claybord, 18”x36”, 2017
Andrea Pramuk "Systems Cycle" Ink on Claybord, 18x18”, 2017
Andrea Pramuk “Systems Cycle” Ink on Claybord, 18×18”, 2017
Andrea Pramuk "Wave Chamber" Ink and acrylic on Claybord, 18”x36”, 2017
Andrea Pramuk “Wave Chamber” Ink and acrylic on Claybord, 18”x36”, 2017
Andrea Pramuk "Fluid Worlds" Georgetown Art Center June 29 - August 5, 2018
Andrea Pramuk “Fluid Worlds” Georgetown Art Center June 29 – August 5, 2018


Georgetown, TX: Fluid Worlds is a three-person exhibition at the Georgetown Art Center with artists Andrea PramukGreta Olivas and Lindsey Dunnagan. From the curator Stuart Wallace, “The work of Lindsey Dunnagan, Greta Olivas, and Andrea Pramuk explore breath-taking fluid worlds in unique ways. Fascinating techniques produce unexpected results; prepare to get lost in these artworks.”


Austin-based painter Andrea Pramuk received formal art training at LSU in Baton Rouge, Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Texas at Austin and the SACI program in Florence, Italy. After an extensive marketing and product development career in the artist materials industry, she continues the exploration of materials and systems through her experimental and abstract work in mixed media.


Lindsey uses nontraditional techniques to explore human interaction with the natural environment.  She is the Assistant Professor of Art in Painting at Truman State University.


My work is full of color, which is usually the first thing people are drawn to. As the paintings are examined more closely their energy draws the viewer in. I believe my work is energy, or emotions that come through and end up on the canvas. They may seem like celestial bodies, but to me, they are a bigger understanding of the universe and our place within it.

I have always been drawn to abstract work and the power it has. When someone states they ‘felt’ one of my paintings, or it provokes emotion in someone, I know I was successful in transmitting energy through the painting.

I have been an artist since I was a child. I studied in several workshops, but I’m mostly self- taught.

I was born in New York City, grew up in Argentina, and have lived the majority of my life in Austin Texas.

Fluid Worlds
June 29 – August 5, 2018
Georgetown Art Center
Georgetown, TX


Profile: 122 Wood: Maple Finish: 14 charcoal


Profile: 122
Type: floater frame with and without cradled panel
Wood and Finish: maple with charcoal finish
Purchase Option: unjoined frame cut to size with wedges