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Connie Connally: Wild By Nature at George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles

Connally works most clearly with what we recognize as gestural abstraction, associated with Abstract Expressionism. Connally has focused, however, on a notable subset of such gestural painting, one recognized in the heyday of Action Painting and even cited then to link Abstract Expressionism with vital precedents (e.g. the late Impressionism of Monet, the early abstractions of…

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Ying Li "Peregrination" at Gross McCleaf Gallery

Beautiful and seductive, these landscapes contain, but only partially conceal, a visceral howl. My understanding of them fluctuates between seeing them as landscapes, then as abstractions, and finally again as landscapes....What I love most is the time it takes to truly absorb and appreciate their structure and beauty. For me, that is a slow and…

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Chuck Koosmann "Landscapes"

Iceland is a place I didn’t know much about before travelling there. It is small, isolated and full of my imaginings. I had heard many stories about it from travelers I’ve known but didn’t have a sense of it really. The reality was unexpected. Too many tourists in Reykjavik, glaciers of immense size, a dramatic…

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Billy Hassell "Lone Star Wild" at Davis Gallery in Austin Texas

My work is a symbolic and narrative response to nature and seeks a balance between realism and abstraction. My primary subject matter has been the flora and fauna of Texas and my influences include Mexican and American folk art, 19th and 20th Century Japanese woodblock prints, natural history, field guides and botanical studies. Over the…

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Terri M Wells Brinton AIR Museum Show

The 2019 Brinton Artists in Residence show features six diverse, nationally recognized artists who were invited for two-week residencies in 2018 to create art en plein air. The Brinton’s Artists in Residence program allows artists the unique opportunity to sketch, draw and paint on The Brinton grounds and also on other scenic locations throughout the area.…

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R. J. Kern - The Best of the Best

"The Best of the Best" records champion animals at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair, one of the most competitive animal contests in the world. Animal breeding, like photography, has been an area of both technical and material evolution. This series explores the relationship between the present and the past, drawing parallels between early animal contests…

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Andrea Pramuk framing in her studio

Andrea called to order some frames because she was working on an exhibition. Since she works in larger sizes, we thought it would be interesting to show her framing in her studio. She said she wasn't a video expert but agreed to give it a try. She sent us videos of each different aspect of…

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Helen Cantrell at The White Gallery in Lakeville Connecticutt

“I need lots of color in an image that strikes me. I use a lot of drips and flung slashes of paint. The result is expressive pieces in which swaths of yellow, orange, and violet evoke paths and fields and features a mix of abstraction and figuration, with vibrant bright hues, visible brushwork, and a…

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Richard Kirk Mills: Recent Paintings - Windows and Landscapes

“I paint directly from subjects in my familiar surroundings. The poetry of place arises from my own personal mythology: a longing for lost homes; a remembrance of water; of daydreaming looking out of windows: of silence. I occasionally make a pilgrimage, but for the most part, it’s just there, in front of me. From my…

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