Andrea Pramuk framing in her studio

Andrea called to order some frames because she was working on an exhibition. Since she works in larger sizes, we thought it would be interesting to show her framing in her studio. She said she wasn’t a video expert but agreed to give it a try. She sent us videos of each different aspect of…

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Andrea Pramuk at Georgetown Art Center

Texas painter, Andrea Pramuk, creates organic, drawing-based abstractions. Her pictures may seem familiar at first glance, but on closer inspection, they are not things or places that exist, but rather lyrical subjects whose dialogue originates out of line, color and light. She looks to ephemeral subject matter that is constant throughout time, reminiscent of stone,…

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Andrea Pramuk at FW Gallery in Baton Rouge

Andrea Pramuk, Wingspan 1, Ink and acrylic on Claybord, 40x80”

I have always dealt with issues of fragility, weakness and decay, but as I look deeper, this work is becoming more about overcoming these challenges in terms of physical, psychological, environmental, social or in other words, the human condition from a feminine perspective. Going even further, these messages can be understood at a deeper level encompassing the…

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June Stratton At Distinction Gallery

My paintings are imagined blends of beauty and nature. These paintings are often intentionally idealized representations of emotional impressions from my dreams – entwined with elements of the earth, sky and water that surround my real world. I use symbols and my feminine viewpoint to tell a very loose, abstracted narrative. As in my dreams,…

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Marketing tips from a pro

Ginny Herzog, a long time customer, just ordered some frames for 6 original artworks that are being sent to Malaysia. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about how she made the connections and how she markets her work. In addition, I asked her what advice she could share with other artists that…

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Fatima Ronquillo “Private Revolution”

On Saturday, April 6th, Wally Workman Gallery opens Private Revolution, a solo show by Fatima Ronquillo. Her fourth show with the gallery, Private Revolution is a celebration of the various private revolutions that her imagined personages launch: rebellions against indifferent beloveds, oppressive thoughts, and real or perceived injuries. There is a context for the ongoing…

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