50 x 88 Custom Oversize Frame

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We are often asked how large a frame we can make. This is not the largest frame we’ve made but it is a good example of the sizes we ship. This job is being sent to a museum in Texas. They have ordered multiple frames and we are shipping the entire job on a palette. We have taken pictures of the  50 x 88 frame and the packaging involved to give you a good idea of how a frame this large is shipped. The job included custom made frame, custom cut 8 ply mat and backing boards, & UV acrylic. All of our boxes are custom made for each frame and in this case it was necessary to custom make a palette

50x88 Pre-Packaged Frame
50x88 frame prepackaged
8-Ply Rising Mat Ready-To-Ship
8-Ply Rising Mat Ready To Ship
Custom-Made Palette
Custom Made Palette
Frames on Palette at Dock
Frames on Palette at Dock


101 maple with white painted finish


Standard Profile: 101
Type: Standard Gallery Frame
Wood & Finish: maple wood frame with white opaque finish
Purchasing Options: joined wood frame with splines
Custom Frame Strainer: 3/4" wood frame strainer with crossbars
Custom Frame Mat: 8 ply white museum mat
Custom Cut Matboard: 4 ply white museum matboard
Custom Frame Acrylic: UV acrylic cut to size
Custom Frame Backing Board: archival coroplast cut to size