Stephen Magsig at George Billis Gallery in NYC

The paintings for this exhibit are based from direct observation and from my photographic reference of the Cityscapes of New York. I work in oils on linen canvas and linen panels in the simple and direct Alla Prima method. Although my work is representational I am more interested in the “Story” of the scene and the…

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Andrea Pramuk at FW Gallery in Baton Rouge

Andrea Pramuk, Wingspan 1, Ink and acrylic on Claybord, 40x80”

I have always dealt with issues of fragility, weakness and decay, but as I look deeper, this work is becoming more about overcoming these challenges in terms of physical, psychological, environmental, social or in other words, the human condition from a feminine perspective. Going even further, these messages can be understood at a deeper level encompassing the…

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Kat Chamberlin "SPRING/BREAK"

SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2017 SPRING/BREAK Art Show is NYC’s curator-driven art fair. Participants are selected through vetted applications and provided a central theme for the art fair. The unique venues are donated to the curators and artists for each curatorial project to be realized during a major international arts week. Kat Chamberlin’s exhibit was in…

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June Stratton At Distinction Gallery

My paintings are imagined blends of beauty and nature. These paintings are often intentionally idealized representations of emotional impressions from my dreams – entwined with elements of the earth, sky and water that surround my real world. I use symbols and my feminine viewpoint to tell a very loose, abstracted narrative. As in my dreams,…

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Lynette McCarthy “Life after Death” MFA exhibition

This series provides an extended look at the physical and psychological shifts that occur when negotiating the role of widower. My work chronicles one of the eldest members of my family, documenting the everyday while providing a critique on the quiet and isolating conditions of his current stage of life. I am primarily concerned with…

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WE CAN MAKE IT The Prints of Corita Kent

Corita Kent was a fine art printmaker and educator.  In her teaching and her art, Corita Kent emphasized the importance of words. Individual letters were used as sources for shape and form, and graphically rearranged to make a visual impact. The content of the words was of equal importance. She drew inspiration from poetry, literature…

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