We have been in the framing business for over 30 years. During that time, we have done many framing seminars for colleges and universities. Instructors are always grateful because they know their students need this information and yet the school does not include this in their curriculum. In addition, we have always provided our customers technical advice on how to use our products. We see the web as a way of delivering this information that will make it easier to understand and easier to update when we add new products. Most people will not study this information until they have a framing project and need to know how to do it. When that time comes you will be able to access the information quickly and go only to the areas that pertain to your project. For art faculties we suggest bookmarking this section for easy access for your students.

The framing advice section is divided into four sections. In each section the menus allow you to select a specific topic. We have a combination of pictures and text with detailed step 1, step 2, etc. on how to do specific aspects of framing. Our goal is to share what we know with you. Which is not to say we know everything. If you have questions, comments or have a better idea, we want you to contact us. If your idea is better we’ll add it. If we have not been clear, we’ll change it. We see this section as a forum to exchange ideas.