How to Attach Plastic Spacers

Step by step instructions on how to attach plastic spacers.

No special tools are required - just a mat knife or scissor

Step 1

Assemble the tools and supplies. You will need the plastic spacer and a cutting tool. We have found it easiest to cut the spacer with a mat knife although a scissors can also be used. We also recommend placing the acrylic on a clean towel to make sure it doesn't get dirty.


Framer's tip:

One technique to measure the spacer is to place the spacer on the acrylic and mark it with a pencil and then cut it to size and adhere it to the acrylic and continue the process on all four sides.


Step 2.

Once the spacer has been cut to size peel off the paper so the adhesive is exposed


Step 3

After the first piece of spacer is applied butt the second piece of up to the first piece.


Step 4

Gently place the spacer along the edge of the acylic and gently rub it to make sure it adheres to the acrylic.


This is what the spacer will look like when applied on all four sides. It is now ready to be placed in the frame.