Attaching wood spacer and strainer


Step 1 Assemble the materials and supplies. They are: the hinged artwork package, the frame, spacers, strainer, glazing (glass or acrylic), scissors, double faced tape, a drill, and a brush.
Step 2 Cut the double faced tape the same size as the spacer.
Step 3 Place the trimmed double face tape on the unfinished side of the spacer making sure it is on evenly. Now take your finger and rub it down until it is on securely.
Step 4 Peel off the paper and repeat the process on the other spacers.
Step 5 Take the glazing (glass or acrylic) and place it in the frame.
Step 6 PLace the spacer in the frame. Using both hands very carefully lower the spacer into the frame making sure not to touch the inside of the frame or the glazing until the bottom edge is seeded on the edge of the glazing. Once it is aligned press it on the side of the frame and it will stick immediately. The spacers have been cut so that the long sides need to be attached first. Once that is done attach the two short sides. Note: the spacer has one finished edge and one unfinished edge. Make sure that the finished edge is the one you place next to the glazing.
Step 7 Examine the glazing for dust or debris. If necessary turn the frame upside down and use a brush to remove it.
Step 8 Place the artwork package on the strainer.
Step 8 Place the frame over the artwork package and strainer.
Step 9 Turn the frame over.
Step 10 Place the screws into the predrilled holes and drill them in to the frame.Editor’s note: Click to see a more thorough discussion of attaching strainers.