Attaching artwork with a T-hinge


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2 lb. Hinging Weights (pkg 2)
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3"x 3" Hinging Separators (10)
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Step 1 Assemble the materials. You will need the mat that has been attached to the backing board with linen tape, japanese hinges, wheat paste, a brush, Hollytex hinging separators, blotter papers, & weights.
Step 2 Center the artwork on the backing board of the mat.
Step 3 Weight down the artwork so it does not move when you apply the hinges.
Step 4 Apply the wheat paste to the hinge.
Step 5 Place the hinge over the hinge that is attached to the back of the artwork making a “T”.
Step 6 Place a separater of Hollytex on the hinge. This is made of a non-woven 100% polyester it is excellent for keeping hinging tissue from sticking to the blotter during the drying process by allowing moisture to pass through and be absorbed by the blotter.
Step 7 Place a blotter over the Hollytex separator.
Step 8 Place a weight over the blotter and repeat the process on the other hinge. Allow an hour to ensure the hinges are completely dry.
The finished hinges will look like this.