Plastic Spacers

Plastic Spacers for Picture Frames
Plastic Spacers for Metal Frames

Plastic Picture Frame Spacers

separate artwork from glass or acrylic

Frametek EconoSpace is a clear plastic spacer that is used to separate artwork on paper or photographs from glass or acrylic when a mat isn't being used. The spacer helps prevent mold growth, paper buckling, image transfer and adhesion to the glass or acrylic.

Plastic Peel & Stick
Frametek EconoSpace is a safe neutral pH plastic "peel & stick" clear spacer that bonds to the edge of the glazing in a picture frame.

1/8" and 1/4" sizes
Metropolitan carries clear EconoSpace in 1/8" or 1/4" sizes. Both can be ordered in 5 foot lengths or in bundles.

See framing advice for step by step instructions on securing the econospace to the acrylic or glass.

Attaching plastic spacers