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Professional advice on materials and techniques used by framer's when doing the final fitting of wood frames. Learn tips on attaching strap hangers, wire, dust cover tapes, & bumpers.


step by step instructions

Step 1

Assemble the tools you will need. They are a pencil and tape measure, drill, awl, screw driver or drill, wire cutter, and a mat knife.

STEP 1 final fitting wood frames

Step 2

Assemble the materials. They are wire, strap hangers, screws, dust cover tape, and bumpers

STEP 2 final fitting wood frames

Step 3

Turn your artwork face down with the top of the picture closest to you. Now measure down 1/3 from the top on both sides and put a pencil mark on the strainer. This is where you will attach the strap hangers.

STEP 3 final fitting wood frames

Step 4

Place the strap hanger on the pencil mark and angle the strap hanger so it is facing towards the inside of the frame. Drill in the screw. Repeat the process on the other side of the frame.

Editor’s note: If not using wire the strap hangers should be placed vertically on the strainer. Some galleries and museums prefer hanging without wire.

STEP 4 final fitting wood frames

Step 5

You are now ready to attach the wire. Cut the wire so it is slightly larger than the frame. Put the wire in the hole in the hanger and then a second time so there is at least two loops. Then twist the wire around itself so it is secure. Cut off any excess wire.

STEP 5 final fitting wood frames

Step 6

The top of the wire should be about 1/3 of the way from the top of the frame to the hanging devices. Put the wire through the hole and pull it to determine the length before looping it through the hole a second time..

STEP 6 final fitting wood frames

Step 7

Loop the wire through the hole one more time and then twist the wire around itself so it is secure. Cut off any excess wire. After you finished putting the wire on, pull it firmly from the top to pull any kinks out.

STEP 7 final fitting wood frames

Step 8

Apply the dust cover tape. To apply place a strip of tape on the separation between the strainer and the frame. Press down until it is securely in place. Trim any excess off with a mat knife or razor blade. Editor’s note: The rationale for dust covers is to keep dust from migrating into the front of the art package. This step is not as critical for temporary exhibitions..

STEP 8 final fitting wood frames

Step 9

You now place a bumper on each side of the bottom of the frame. Bumpers are used to prevent marring of the wall surface behind the frame and to help keep pictures level on the wall

STEP 9 final fitting wood frames