Fitting Gallery Frames

How to attach wood spacers and strainers

This video and instructions demonstrate how to attach spacers and strainers in gallery frames.

How to attach strainers from the side and from behind

This is a video and step by step instructions on the different ways for attaching strainers in fine art gallery frames.

How to do final fitting on wood frames

This video and instructions share professional advice on materials and techniques used by framer's when doing the final fitting of wood frames. Learn tips on attaching strap hangers, wire, dust cover tapes, & bumpers.

How to use a flexpoint nailer

This is a video on how to use a flex point nailer to secure your artwork package in a wood picture frame. The advantage of the flex point nailer is that you can bend the flex points up, replace your art package, and then bend them back down.

How to assemble metal picture frames

This is a video and instructions on how to assemble metal frames. Learn professional tips on how picture framers assemble metal frames.


How to attach plastic spacers

Learn professional tips on how to attach plastic spacers to glass or acrylic.