Touchup Materials

We have experimented with various way to fix minor problems with our painted and wood frames.Our painted frame finishes are produced by very sophisticated air assisted spray pump and spray gun made inFrance and we have tried using spray paint can such as Rustoleum/Krylon from Home Depot but have not had good success.Color matching plus the spray from these inexpensive cans does notlook good.

Black, Charcoal, Graphite, Wood tone finishes.
The first method we recommend is the classic magic marker.

We are using the Extra Black (P-99) from Chartpak for the Black #13 and Charcoal #14 finishes. For Graphite #19 we found a Cool Gray #5 (P-185) from Chartpak. These markers are available from most art supply stores. With some experimenting there are probably other markers that will work just as well.

On wood tone frames most professional picture framers use a brown colored markers for touchup and most art supply stores should have a good selection to ensure you get the correct tone.

The area of the frame that usually has a problem is the edges. These touch up methods are pretty good for fixing these problems.

Basically the method is applying it to the edge of the damaged area, then immediately after applying the material have a dry or slightly moist rag ready to go over the touched up area to eliminate any excess material. You want to ink only on the damaged edge and not on the surface of the frame, next to the touched up area. This method will ensure the color does not blend into the paint on the surface of the frame and leave a different shade of color.

Also, if you are joining wedged frames, we would suggest using these materials for darkening the inside of the mitered edges before you assemble the frame. This will eliminate and raw wood from the inside of the miter to show if the face or sides are not quite joined perfectly.



The second method is using acrylic matte finish paint which is a little more time consuming but more forgiving. We have tested Dick Blick Matte Acrylic Black and have had excellent success. You apply it with a watercolor brush. Dip the brush in some water, squeeze the tip of the brush to create a point, then dip it into the paint. Apply the paint on the scratch, and then gently remove the excess with a moist rag. The paint is more forgiving than the magic marker because it is water based.

White frames/
We also found that touching up white and off white works well with Dick Blick matte Acrylic white for Metropolitan’s White #15 finish and Rising White #17 finish. For our Rising Warm White #18 finish and Rising White #20 Antique White finish we recommend Dick Blick’s matte off-white acrylic paint.


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