Attaching Japanese Hinges to Artwork


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2 lb. Hinging Weights (pkg 2)
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3"x 3" Hinging Separators (10)
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3" x 3" Blotter Paper (10)
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Step 1 Place your artwork face down on hinging separators and assemble the tools and supplies. In addition to the hinging separators, you will need wheat paste, a brush, tweezers, blotters, and the hinges.
Step 2 Apply the wheat paste to the hinge. Take a blotter and apply it over the hinge only exposing the area of the hinge that you want to apply the glue. The hinge should only have the paste applied to the top of the hinge.
Step 3 Use your tweezers to turn the hinge over and place it on the back of the artwork. The placement is approximately 1″ from the edge of the artwork and 1/4″ from the top.
Step 4 Place a blotter on the hinge and press down with your finger gently to remove any excess moisture. Turn the blotter and repeat this process until all moisture is removed.
Step 5 Place a weight on the blotter.
Step 6 Repeat the process on the other hinge.
Step 7 Let the hinges dry for at least one hour and then remove the weights.
The hinges will look like this when done. You are now ready to turn over the artwork an attach it to a backing board.