Fitting Floater Frames

How to join and fit floater frames and cradle with crossbar

Framing large oversize work requires that your studio layout is well organized. In addition you need to have the proper equipment and tools. Pramuk takes us into her studio to show us how she does her framing for an exhbition.

Additional tip:
She did tell us that the adjustable sawhorses make all the difference in her workspace for both framing and painting big. They are not a huge investment ($35-$50/pair)  and they fold up when she's not working in the big area of the space.

How to attach paintings to floating frames

This video and step by step instructions are for both painters who work on stretcher bars or cradled panels and want to know professional tips for ensuring the painting is secure and centered in the float frame.

How to attach cradled panels and mounted photographs to floater frames

This video and instructions are for painters and photographers who have paintings or photographs on panels. Learn how to attach them to cradles and then to the floater frame.

How to attach a painting to a panel frame

This video and instructions are for painters who work on canvas, wood, or gessobord non cradled panels.

How to Assemble and attach paintings to metal floater frames

This video and instructions are for assembling and attaching paintings on stretcher bars or panels to metal floater frames.