Shipping and handling charges


Shipping estimates are difficult to give because all of our boxes are custom made to your order and  prices vary by zone, size, and weight. We use a variety of shippers - UPS, Fedex, Speedee, & USPS.  We also use LTL freight carriers on larger moulding orders or custom frame orders that exceed the maximum size for the other carriers.  Unless specified, we will determine the least expensive shipping method for your order.

Although we do not have minimum orders, handling & shipping charges on small orders will be a higher percentage of the total price. Oversize or odd size orders will also have higher shipping costs.


We will send you an order confirmation with handling & shipping costs before we process the order. 

Call customer service at 1-800-626-3139 for more information.




Professional Packaging
Joined frames are shipped in custom made corrugated boxes. Many of our customers save them and reuse them when shipping to their galleries or collectors.

custom box
custom box

Unjoined frames are shipped in standard length boxes that are cut to size to fit the frames and reinforced with cardboard for protection.



How to reduce shipping and handling charges

1. Order unjoined frames. Order the frame cut to size with wedges and assemble the frame yourself. Because it will be shipped unassembled, the box size and therefore the shipping will be much smaller. This is especially true on very large frames. See framing advice for how to assemble frames. (This only applies if you are not ordering mats, boards, and/or acrylic.)

2. Order multiple frames. The handling & shipping cost will become a much lower percentage of your total. If possible smaller frames will be nested within larger frames to decrease the size of the box and therefore the shipping charges.


3. Ship to a commercial address. The shipping companies charge lower rates when the package is going to a commercial address.