Assembling Metal Floater Frames


Step 1 Assemble all of the tools and supplies. They are: 4 frame sides, metal frame hardware, screw driver, drill, screws, spacers to keep the painting centered. masking tape, and your painting.Sort the corner angles with the screws from the thin angles making sure the Nielson logo is facing up on both. (The hanging devices, wire, and bumpers are not shown but are included in the polybag of hardware. The installation of these is covered in the metal frame assembly page and video.)
Step 2 Turn the fame upside down.Then place the corner angle with the screw over the thin corner angle. This makes a corner angle package and slide it into the grove that is on the outside edge of the frame.
Step 3 Once the corner angles are in all four sides of the frame, turn the frame over so the face of the frame is facing up.
Step 4 Grip each corner with your hand. When the corner is aligned put masking tape to keep it in alignment. Framer’s note: Although you can skip this step, we have found it is easier to get a good corner by taping it first before screwing in the corner angles.
Step 5 When all four corners are taped turn the frame over.
Step 6 Now take your screw driver and screw in the corner angles on all four sides of the frame. Check to see if the corners are aligned. If not, loosen the screw and repeat the process until they are aligned.
Step 7 turn the frame over and remove the tape from all four sides.
Step 8 Place your painting in the frame.
Step 9Place the spacers between the frame and the painting to center it before you drill in the screws. We recommend small scraps of mat or foamboard for spacers.
Step 10 Once the artwork is centered, move it slightly off the table so you can drill in the screws from behind.
Step 11 Drill in the screws on only two sides of the frame – either the top and bottom or the left and right. This is the recommendation of the manufacturer who has found that if the frame is drilled on all four sides it is harder to get the corners aligned.
Step 12 Remove the spacers from the frame.
See the standard metal frame instruction page steps 9 – 15 for installing the hanging devices, wire and bumpers.
Artwork by: Donna Watson
Type: Metal / Profile: 114 / Finish: 21 matte black
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