Attaching paintings to wood floater frames


Step 1 Assemble the tools and supplies. They are: frame, drill, screws, spacers to keep the painting centered, and your painting.
Step 2 Place the painting in the frame.
Step 3 Place the spacers between the frame and the painting to center it before you drill in the screws. We recommend small scraps of mat or foamboard for spacers. We used and 1/8″ foam board and 1/16″ mat board to center this painting.
Step 4 Once the artwork is centered, move it slightly off the table so you can drill in the screws from behind.
Step 5 Drill in the screws on all four sides of the frame.
Step 6 Remove the spacers from the frame.
Step 7 See the attaching strap hangers, wire, and bumpers framing advice page for the final fitting of the frame.
Artwork by: George PetersonProfile: 122 / Wood: Cherry / Finish: 35 burnt cherry with black interior

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