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Custom Frame Backing Boards

CUSTOM SIZED ARCHIVAL BACKING BOARDS - Shipped in (1) business day

Backing boards act as a barrier against acid migration and dust, fill space, and add rigidity to the finished frame package. Metropolitan carries a variety of archival backing boards for that purpose..

Acid-Free Foamboard - custom frame backing boards
Acid-Free Foamboard -custom frame backing board

acid free Foamboard
Backing Boards

Bainbridge Acid-Free Foam Board has an alkaline PH surface. Although acid-free these boards are not to museum standards and should be used when price is more of a consideration that strict conservation. Backing boards can be ordered as an optional component when ordering frames. They are available in 1/8" and 3/16" widths. Maximum size is 40" x 60".

Archival corrugated - custom frame backing boards
Archival corrugated - custom frame backing board


archival corrugated
Backing Boards

The Heritage Corrugated Board  exceeds the quality of other boards available on the market today. Passing much more stringent testing for permanence than simply the Photo Activity Test, this is the next generation board available today.This multi-use board is typical blue/gray on one side and white on the other, making it perfectly suited for backing boards for framing. E-flute is 1/16" deep and the maximum size is 50" x 60". B -flute is  3/16" deep and the maximum size is 48" x 96".

Archival Coroplast - custom frame backing boards
Archival Coroplast - custom frame backing board


Coroplast® Archival is a custom frame backing board that is chemically inert, extremely durable plastic material used for backing. It is composed of extruded twinwall fluted polypropylene copolymer. It is free from additives such as coloring agents and antistatic & ultraviolet inhibitors. Coroplast is very popular with museum preparators because it is  a superior long-term substrate with no out-gassing. Because of its translucent and fluted qualities, Coroplast is best-suited to be used in conjunction with a 4 ply sized board, to add support and rigidity, rather than be a single backing in contact with one’s art. They are available in 1/8" and 3/16" widths. Maximum size is 48" x 96".