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Step 1 Assemble tools and supplies. To make wheat paste we use a microwave, Jin Shofu paste, measuring spoons, spoon to stir the paste, spatula, brush, water, rag, and scrap board to test the paste.
Step 2 Measure out one teaspoon of Japanese wheat paste and put it in a bowl.
Step 3 Measure 4 teaspoons of water and add it to the bowl. If you are making larger quantities the ratio of water to paste is 4 to 1.
Step 4 Mix the paste and water together. At this point it will be quite watery.
Step 5 Put the bowl in a microwave for 10 seconds.
Step 6 Test the paste. This is still too watery.
Step 7 Repeat the process until the paste is this consistency. (To make this batch we put the paste in the microwave four times at 10 seconds per time.)
Step 8 Test the paste on a board to make sure the consistency is thick enough.

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