Attaching strainers from behind and side


Step 1 Thoroughly examine your artwork package (glazing, mat, backing board) and make sure it is ready to be put in the frame.
Step 2 Place the frame over the artwork package.
Step 3 Turn your artwork package over.
Step 4 Place the strainer in the back of the frame. Ideally, the strainer should be slightly recessed from the back of the frame. If the art package is recessed more than 1/4? fill in with backing boards and/or strips of backing boards until the strainer is raised to just below the back of the frame.
Step 5 Assemble your tools and supplies. You will need an electric drill with phillips head bit or phillips screw driver & the screws.
Step 6 Holding the art package firmly, insert the screws so they are flush with the frame. Use a drill with Phillips head bit or a screw driver. It needs to go in only 3/16 “- 1/4” so be very careful not to push too hard or you will either go through the frame or you will strip the hole. We like starting the screw with a drill and finishing the last few twists with a screw driver. This will help eliminate the possibility of going too far with the screw Do one hole on one side and then do the hole opposite on the other side. Continue until all the screws are in place.Editor’s Note:If you have some clamps to connect the strainer and frame this can make the job easier. Another tip is to move your table and frame against a wall. This will add support and stability to the frame when you are drilling.
Variations: Metropolitan also offers drilling from the side options. You can order it with or without inserts. If you will be reusing these frames frequently, we recommend using inserts. Inserts are placed in strainers so that the wood is not stripped when the screws are taken in and out with reuse. If inserts are ordered, Metropolitan frames will come with the inserts already in the strainers.
Step 1 If you order it with inserts the strainer will be marked with an arrow that will match up with an arrow on the back of the frame. Match them up when you place the strainer in the back of the frame.
Step 2 Place the screw in the predrilled holes and drill it in.