Backing boards and dust cover tapes

Backing boards are not meant to be used to used as a substrate for hinging artwork, but to act as a barrier against acid migration and dust, fill space, and add rigidity to the finished frame package Metropolitan carries a variety of backing boards for that purpose.

Acid free foamboards – 1/8″ and 3/16″ versions
Bainbridge Acid-Free Foam Board has an alkaline PH surface. These boards are not to museum standards and should be used when price is more of a consideration that strict conservation.
Heritage Archival B-flute 1/8″ and E-flute 1/16″
The Heritage Corrugated Board sets the standard in the next generation of archival corrugated board. Greatly exceeding the quality of other boards available on the market today, and passing much more stringent testing for permanence than simply the Photo Activity Test, this is the next generation board available today.This multi-use board is typical blue/gray on one side and white on the other, making it perfectly suited for backing boards for framing, box making, and other types of enclosures where the objects can sit against a non-pigmented surface, while still maintaining the traditional blue/gray color on the outside.
Archival Coroplast – 1/8″ (4mm) and 1/4″ (6mm)
Coroplast Archival grade is a chemically inert, extremely durable polypropylene copolymer, extruded twinwall fluted plastic sheet free from additives such as coloring agents, antistatic and ultraviolet inhibitors. Coroplast was originally made for the sign industry and is very popular with our museum preparators. It is chemically inert, extremely durable, and provides a superior substrate for long term use with no out-gasing. It is resistant to water, oils, and solvents at room temperature.

Dust Cover Tapes
Dust covers keep dust and insects out and slow the rate of temperature and humidity changes. The traditional method is to cover the back of the frame with kraft paper. The problem with this is that not only is the paper usually very acidic but it inevitably tears and therefore defeats the purpose. We recommend using a dust cover tape. Metropolitan carries Tyvek tape in 1″, 1 1/2″, and 2 1/4″ widths.