Nielsen Metal Floating Frames For Paintings

Metropolitan carries two Nielsen metal floating frames for paintings. These metal floater frames are designed for standard 3/4" and 1 1/2" heavy duty paintings on canvas or cradled panels.  They are available in matte black and german silver finishes. All can be purchased cut to size. See framing advice for assembly instructions. For a larger selection see our wood floating frames for paintings.


  • floating frames
  • floating frames



PROFESSIONAL PACKAGING Metal frames are wrapped in brown paper and labeled and a custom box is made to ensure they arrive safely and to minimize shipping costs. If only ordering metal frames the shipping is less expensive because they come unjoined. If ordering acrylic and boards with your order, a larger box will be required and the shipping will be more expensive.

SHIPPING ESTIMATES are difficult to give because prices vary by zone, size, and weight. Most orders over $500 that do not require expedited shipping or oversize shipping should not exceed 15% of the order. Note: Although we do not have minimum orders, handling & shipping charges will be high if just ordering one individual frame.