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Customer Comment from Kesler Woodward

I discovered Metropolitan Picture Framing’s floater frames at an AAM (American Association of Museums) conference in Minneapolis about twenty years ago, and I have used no other frames for my paintings on canvas or panel since. I had looked for two things for years, both of which I knew I’d found the moment I saw them: 1) floater frames, which don’t cover the last 1/2? or more of the edges of every canvas (I compose my images very carefully, and if the last 1/2? or more on each side weren’t important, it wouldn’t be there!), and 2) design and craftsmanship which would look polished and professional, without calling undue attention to itself. Especially as the price of my paintings rose over the years, I knew I needed frames that would be museum quality in fit and finish, dressy enough for collectors, and modern, clean, and undistracting enough for me. So many collectors of my work have praised the frames over the years, and so many other artists have asked about them and adopted them, that I quickly learned I had made the right choice.

What I didn’t know when I first saw these frames was what a great pleasure the folks at Metropolitan Picture Framing would be to work with, how eager they would be to meet my specific needs flexibly, swiftly, and reliably in every instance, or how absolutely consistent the fine quality of their craftsmanship would be over two decades. I order the smaller frames assembled, and anything larger than 16? x 20? in sections, since they’re all shipped to my home in Fairbanks, Alaska.


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