Wood Floater Frames for Paintings & Photographs

Wood Floater Frames for Paintings & Photographs
Metropolitan Picture Framing has designed our floater frames for standard, heavy duty, and extra deep paintings on stretcher bars as well as paintings on wood or masonite panels. In addition, these "floater frames" are now being used on photographs that are mounted and framed without glazing. And you can purchase them in different widths, woods, and finishes with or without black interiors to ensure you have the perfect presentation for your paintings and photographs. All can be purchased in length, chopped to size, or completely joined. Click for fitting instructions.


1/2″ FACE
The 1/2" face on this frame provides not only a more "substantial" look but is structurally stronger for larger work. It comes in 3 different depths and can be modified for non standard cradled panels. It is easier to join for customers who are assembling their own frames.
1/2? FACE
1/2? FACE
3/8″ FACE
The 3/8" face on this frame provides provides a minimal look. It is most often used on small to medium size work. It comes in two different depths which can be modified for non standard cradled panels
3/8? FACE
Our panel frames were designed to accomodate most paintings on wood panels. They are often used by plein air painters.


Maple Maple
is our most popular wood. It is valued by museums and fine art galleries for its neutral appearance. Metropolitan Picture Framing clear lacquer and stain finishes are semi-transparent, allowing the grain of the wood to show. Our painted finishes are opaque and have seamless corners.
in its natural state has a light red color which makes the finishes have a depth of color that cannot be achieved on other woods. All woods will change color over time. Cherry gets darker giving it even a deeper concentration of color and grain. The wood is moderately heavy and hard. Cherry like walnut is more expensive than the other wood options we provide.
Ash Ash
is a very dense wood with a grain pattern that can complement or detract from the artwork. If the grain complements, it is a good choice because it is our least expensive option. Ash will vary in color and is not recommended on the clear and white finishes if consistency is important. It is most popular in our darker wood stains and charcoal and black finishes which will cover the inconsistencies.


finish maple 00 finish maple 01 finish maple 04 finish maple 05 finish maple 11 finish maple 13 finish maple 14 finish maple 15 finish maple 17 finish maple 18 finish maple 19
finish maple 20 finish maple 35 finish maple 36 finish cherry 00 finish cherry 10 finish cherry 14 finish cherry 33 finish cherry 34 finish cherry 35 finish ash 00 finish ash 01
finish ash 02 finish ash 03 finish ash 05 finish ash 06 finish ash 13a finish ash 14 finish ash 15 finish ash 33

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Uncut Lengths Uncut Lengths
All of our frame profiles can be purchased uncut in lengths. They can be purchased unfinished or finished to order. Lengths vary from approximately 8 to 12 feet (most will be 10′). We will come as close to the footage on your order as possible. Note that UPS will not ship over 8 feet. When ordering you can specify cut 5′ and balance, 6′ and balance, 7′ and balance, etc. On larger orders we normally ship by truck and cutting the lengths is not necessary.
Standard Join Standard Join
Frames are cut to your specifications, glued, and joined with our wedge system from behind so there are no visible nail holes. All frames are then touched up and sanded before they are finished to ensure the highest level of quality.
Cut to size Cut to size
Frames are cut to your specifications with mitred corners. This option will require that you have a method for joining the frames. It is commonly used by picture framers and woodworkers who have their own joining equipment.
Matched Splines Matched Splines
Spline joints are used for additional strength and beauty. Because the spline joint offers a larger glue area, the joint becomes very strong. They are necessary on very large and or very thin frames. Matching splines use the same wood as the frame and are less conspicuous than the contrasting splines. Spline joints are often used with painted white, black and graphite frames to add stability to their seamless corners. With the painted finishes they will not be visible.
Cut to size w/wedges Cut to size w/wedges
The wedge system makes the joining of wood frames as easy as joining metal frames. The frame comes to you unjoined, but the mitres have been routed out from behind with a special machine. You glue the corners and insert a plastic wedge and use a hammer to insert it into the prerouted slot. This system will allow you to adjust the corners until they are aligned. See framing advice. This option is often used by customers who are ordering large or oversize frames and want to save money on shipping.
Contrasting Splines Contrasting Splines
Spline joints are used for additional strength and beauty. Because the spline joint offers a larger glue area, the joint becomes very strong. They are necessary on very large and or very thin frames. Contrasting splines are made from a different wood than the frame and are used primarily to complement the overall frame presentation. They are only noticeable on unfinished or lighter wood finishes. This option is less commonly used than the matching splines.


PROFESSIONAL PACKAGING. Plastic wrap or coadhesive is used for protection on all frames. On joined frames cardboard is banded to the top of the frame package for extra protection. Styrofoam corners or angles are put on the top and bottom of the frame package. All packages come in a custom made corrugated box. Boxes are then taped and banded for ease in carrying and additional safety.

SHIPPING ESTIMATES are difficult to give because prices vary by zone, size, and weight. Most orders over $500 that do not require expedited shipping or oversize shipping should not exceed 15% of the order. Note: Although we do not have minimum orders, handling & shipping charges will be high if just ordering one individual frame. This is especially true on larger frames due to UPS oversize charges. To minimize shipping charges on single large frames, we recommend purchasing them unjoined with our wedge system. See framing advice.