My work is a contemporary statement layered in classical elements hidden in the unpredictability of mixed mediums. I look for detail and watch for change. I find movement that becomes suggestion, texture, and images that become another form. I love rainy days, dusk and tamarack bogs…stones and cracked walls overgrown with wildflowers…water habitats and all their varied moods. At seven my grandfather taught me the skills of perspective drawing and how to use watercolors. My mother taught me to sew and how to arrange flowers. They gave me an affinity for patterns, shapes and space, fibers, and order. I feel deeply about the sacredness of all things. I believe there is no one way. All these things find their way into my work. I start out with a vague plan of what images I want to draw or what mood I want to work with. The drawing is specific. The mood is spontaneous. What comes is a collection, pieces of ideas, gestures and metaphors. Then they start to arrange themselves. The process becomes the direction. My work is many times layered and often changes radically from start to finish. My search is for the information built in the layering of what our minds discover and what nature creates so freely. What we see appears to be clear and identifiable and yet there is so much more detail, more perspective, more relationship and dimension to every form.

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