My mixed media paintings are reductive abstractions that reference architecture, which has been my subject matter for nearly 30 years. Until recently, I painted in watercolor with collage using my architectural photos, but now I am transitioning into a new medium of oil, mixed with cold wax. My mixed medium paintings are created by piecing portions of different architectural elements that are unrelated to each other, and constructing new, intriguing, familiar, yet unfamiliar architectural forms. Compositions are constructed for a fusion of multiple perspectives. A matrix of layered applications of paint are gradually built up, forming lush, atmospheric surfaces. All of my work is done on archival Claybord panels. The watermedia based paintings are protected by a UVLS varnish and the oils/cold wax paintings have an extra coating of wax that is buffed to reveal the rich patina of the oils.


Professional Organizations

National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA)